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"Objects do not have any intrinsic meaning- that meaning is conferred on them by us- and that different people, and the same person at different times, may confer different meanings on the same object." (Hammersley, 1989, p. 135)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

威秀影城 Vieshow Cinemas (Formerly 華納威秀 Warner Village)

The day I went searching for 華納威秀 Warner Village...  I walked on and walked on- simply couldn't find the famous 華納威秀 Warner Village structure.  Only to be informed at some point as I was roaming around the vicinity like a lab rat lost in a maze... something like...

"There is no longer 華納威秀 Warner Village.  It is now 威秀影城 Vieshow Cinemas... just kept on walking down this way."

Finally, in a distance, I saw the sign... "Vieshow Cinemas."

Hooray!  Finally da!

This is a classic picture since the scafold has been taken down. Updated 1/23/2013  
Only to find out... oops... the famous Vieshow Cinemas seemed to be getting some spa treatment if not a facelift... 8-O lol

Sorry for the disturbance since my mama always says, "You are doing facial?  Let me not interrupt."

So it is, my first impression of the great Vieshow Cinemas... facial if not facelift in process... lol

Actually, the structure of Vieshow Cinemas (威秀影城 ) contains two red-white buildings linked through a red overpass.  As you can see in the pictures, the steel painted in big bright red does give people some impression!  Guess this is what you call... the modernistic kinda style?

Various dates- 4/8/2012

台北101摩天大樓 Taipei World Financial Center

台北101摩天大樓 Taipei World Financial Center was once the tallest building on this planet.  (Don't worry... Taipei 101, at least you have once been the number 1... I would never been the tallest building on this planet since I am not even a building.  8-O lol)

Taipei 101 as per East Metro Mall...

You can see Taipei 101 from all different places.  In the album below are pix of Taipei 101 from all different angles... with pix shot on different days....
Outside view of Taipei 101

Inside view of Taipei 101

 The i-s in Taipei 101

Went back to Taipei 101 the other day.  On my way out, saw the water fountain decorated with dancing lights.... and Taipei 101 on the globe... the reflections.  Can you see Taipei 101?  It is there.

 Various dates- 4/8/2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

ATT 4 Fun (Formerly known as New York, New York)

The modern building housing ATT 4 fun was also formerly known as New York, New York.  Though I remember visiting it back when it was still New York, New York... can't find the pictures I might have taken... possibly before my entering into the era of digital photography.

Anyways, went back to visit it and checked out the shops and washroom as well... 8-O lol

At some point, before or after the venture to the washroom, I realized that... if the owner of ATT is still the same person, I might have know this guy and actually hanged out with him in my much younger years.

At that point, I was one of the "student reporters" at ICRT (International Community Radio Taipei).  For an international event of some sort, my friend and I volunteered to "escort" some of the international guests- think they might have been very well-to-do people of some sort... The duty was to keep them company and translate for them when necessary- nothing spicy.   lol  Might have made a dime or two though I don't remember no more...

We followed them around town and was also at the Jade market.  We met the owner of ATT the night when we took the guests to the karaoke.  After a good night out- everyone singing, drinking and eating, the gentleman even gave my friend and I a lift back to my parents' place.

Though having nothing to do with the building itself... what came to my mind... when seeing the name "ATT" on the building. lol

Various dates- 4/7/2012