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"Objects do not have any intrinsic meaning- that meaning is conferred on them by us- and that different people, and the same person at different times, may confer different meanings on the same object." (Hammersley, 1989, p. 135)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The day the day dragonfly stood still

Came across this clip of da dragonfly in front of St. John the Divine.  Took this friend of mine around town that day and showed her the unfinished.

On our way out, she took a pamphlet of St. John which the dragonfly came resting on and we walked the dragonfly.


One thing I said that day... in our conversation... health first and all shall follow.

There ain't no nothing grander than health... however piece of crack kinda state I am in... ain't no nothing grander than health. 8-X lol

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