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"Objects do not have any intrinsic meaning- that meaning is conferred on them by us- and that different people, and the same person at different times, may confer different meanings on the same object." (Hammersley, 1989, p. 135)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Insian Gallery, Taipei

Decided to walk into the Insian Gallery on Jen Ai Road today, which I had walked passed by many a time.

Since one of my coworker recently introduced me to this character called "salty egg superman (鹹蛋超人), I thought this might be a variation of salty egg superman without a face or who was having a totally huge yawn....

Ended up, the nice gentleman working in the gallery told me that, this statue represents the "taking off" of 炎黃子孫 and their taking off after all the hardcore leg work after thousands of years...  He also pointed out the legs and showed me how the artist had made it much coarse looking then the rest of the body.

It surely was very interesting to learn about what the artist was trying to convey through his art especially when comparing it to my salty egg interpretation.

At the same time, since I am also one of the yellow people who have been working hard on my leg work... won't be bad to fly for a change... Come to think about it... looking almost like me yawning up a storm...  8-O lol

Following are pictures of some other art works I saw...

Because I wasn't looking into taking to many pictures today, didn't take pictures of the nice art work inside this gallery.  You can find pictures with much better quality in the website of 印象畫廊 InSian Gallery  or, better yet, visiting it yourself shall you be in Taipei.

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