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"Objects do not have any intrinsic meaning- that meaning is conferred on them by us- and that different people, and the same person at different times, may confer different meanings on the same object." (Hammersley, 1989, p. 135)

Friday, January 27, 2012

St. Paul and them canons on Mount Fortress in Macau

Been thinking about visiting John in upperwest side.  Yet, my biggest accomplishment today was I went all the way up with four legs to visit Mr. Paul in Macau.

To legs on the floor, left hand holding on to my cane while right hand pulling myself up by holding on to the handrail, where some birds went to the toilet on at point.

By the time I got up to by the Paul, my body was gone.

After resting for some time, so I thought, "Now that I am up here and the body is deemed to be in a state of a piece of crap.  Might as well go further up to visit Paul.

All that's left with St. Paul was the front.

After I walked into the door, there was the sky right above, which made it something interesting to feel.  I actually like it quite a bit..

Inside of St. Paul
Thereafter, so I thought, yet again, now the state of my body is not reversible in split second and it ain't like I live next door, might as well see whether I could get further up to see them canons in Mount Fortress.  Not to mention, body condition goes down south all too often, how often do I get to be in Macau? Not to mention, the trip in Hong Kong and Macau ends on Sunday, all that I have to do is to pop my pain meds and hold on to another day before I get back to do my physical therapy etc.

And, thank God, there were escalators going up to them canons though there were some more painfully inevitable stairs that I had to conquer, or to be conquered- more exact.  lol

Them Canons taken by my canon lol

Regardless, I made it to see them canons at the fortress.

From St. Paul and them cannons in Mount Fortress, Macau

More pictures of St. Paul and them canons

En route, many a fine gentleman and lady stopped by to ask me how I was since I was on 3, if not 4 legs, while trying to move forward.  I guess, no number of words could describe what they saw especially when I only walked but saw not how I moved myself... 8-O lol

Click here to view it through google earth plug-in.

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