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"Objects do not have any intrinsic meaning- that meaning is conferred on them by us- and that different people, and the same person at different times, may confer different meanings on the same object." (Hammersley, 1989, p. 135)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The temple at Keelung Miaokou 基隆廟口奠濟宮

I decided to go back to the temple at Keelung Miaokou the other day to take another look of the temple from the inside.  Sure, for someone with thought broadcasting symptom still, it's not really the best thing to do to visit religious venues such as temples alike.  Yet, I managed to keep my head in one piece while going in to the temple with all due respects so as to share the view with you- Taiwanese folk culture- with limited my grandpa Canon A570S.

True.  Traveling might be hard at times... in the body or in the head... but I am determined to see a bit more of the world each every day.


Ratology- Handicapped at Large: The temple & Keelung Miaokou 奠濟宮/基隆廟口: Since I was in Keelung, I had to go to the Miaokou Night Market where one could find all types of nice eats and a whole lot of them are trad...

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