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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

北門-承恩門 Chengen Gate- and 北門郵局 Beimen Post Office

北門-承恩門 is one of the four remaining gates of the old Taipei city.  The adjacent 北門郵局 Beimen post office has also been there for almost a century or so.

Following are the pix of 北門-承恩門 Chengen Gate as per the model of the East Metro Mall.

In my senior high school years, for three years, the bus trips would take me to where Beimen is but I apparently only saw an old building.  8-O lol

The most memorable story I had was that, one day in my senior year, I got on to the bus, woke up maybe an hour or two later, and saw the  building.  I thought I had missed my stop only to realize that, because of the demonstration on the street, the bus didn't move much.  8-O lol

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