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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Famous buildings in Taipei (as per East Metro Mall)

During the winter time last year, to hide away from the cold and rain, I took it down to the East Metro Mall ( 東區地下街) to do my daily walk. There I came across the long term exhibition for the selected 17 famous buildings in Taipei.

After many of a walk through them buildings- version miniature, I decided to walk them through at large.

Many a up-and-down of my health conditions after, I finally moved my butts through them all... and with my dear grandpa camera Canon A570IS, a camera almost as adama shorto as me, pictures taken and images captured.

Funny enough, some time after I started my walking them buildings at large, in the news, one day, I heard that mistakes in the labels were found in the exhibition that has been there for 10 years or more... and... eventually  they were corrected... (which, of course, made yours grandiose delusional thought it might have something to do with my diligent efforts in walking the walk- though such delusion was well-handled. 8-X)

Sure, were I who I was, these places could have been easily visited within 3-4 days- rather than extended for the duration of almost an year.  Yet, were I who I was, some of the path I traversed might not have occurred at all...  At the same time, the path I traversed... nothing but the consequences of walking the walk.

At the same time, some part of journey really resonated only too well with my beloved song de Whitesnake..

The the spirit of you can call me Al cuts it pretty well as well... (an youtube clip I inserted by mistake as  opposed to da "I don't know where I'm going...")

When walking da walk... "I don't know where I am going." (I just... go go go allez allez allez lol)
Right now... "I sure know where I've been."   (Hopefully)

Synchronously, my MBT sandal got totally worn out at the last spot... the presidential palace with the the sole totally out... Thank you, Mon chéri, for absorbing the pressure and helping me walk across continents and in all seasons... (Guess, I did leave traces on the path I have traversed... somehow.. 8-O 8-X lol)

If you are in Taiwan or will visit Taiwan, be sure to visit the following buildings and... beyond...

Bon voyage!

Historial building
  1. 龍山寺 Longshan Temple, Taipei
  2. 台北賓館 Taipei Guesthouse, Taipei
  3. 台北故事舘Taipei Story House (Formerly known as 圓山別莊)
  4. 台北當代藝術舘 Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei
  5. 北門 承恩門 North Gate
  6. 台灣省立博物館 Taiwan Provincial Museum
  7. 總統府 Presidential Office (總統府 Presidential Office Front view)
  8. 淡水紅毛城 (Museum of Fort San Antonio)
  9. 公賣局 Wine and tobacco monopoly bureau
Modern building
  1. ATT 4 Fun (Formerly known as New York, New York 紐約紐約)
  2. 台北101摩天大樓 Taipei World Financial Center
  3. 威秀影城 Vieshow Cinemas (Formerly 華納威秀 Warner Village)
  4. 台北世界貿易中心展覽大樓 Taipei World Trade Center
  5. 新光摩天大樓 Shin Kong Life Tower
  6. 大陸工程總部大樓 Continental Engineering Corporation Building
  7. 富邦金融大樓 Fu-ban Financial building
  8. 遠企中心 Far Eastern Plaza

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