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Saturday, July 2, 2011

杭州灣跨海大橋 (Hangzhou Bay Bridge)

My brother-in-law drove me over the Hangzhou Bay Bridge during my first trip to China last summer...

As a matter of fact, all that I did through out the entire day was sitting in the car while my brother-in-law drove us within a day from Shanghai through the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, enroute Nimbou, Hangzhoud and back to Shanghai.  Also visited some other towns en route.

For sure, I didn't do it alone... and who say that I have to see the world alone just because I am some kind of a handicapped?  Think I am crazy?! Duh.... 8-O lol

Following is what I posted in Ratology Reloaded about this Bridge.

Aug. 29, 2010

Ratology Reloaded: 杭州灣跨海大橋 (Hangzhou Bay Bridge)

I took a trip over the 杭州灣跨海大橋 (Hangzhou Bay Bridge)....

This bridge is 35.673 M or around 22.167 miles in length... It is now the longest trans-oceanic bridge and the second longest bridge in the world (with the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in the United States still ranking number 1).

I found many pictures online... on fair-weather days... Unfortunately, it was as foggy as possible... the day I took my trip.

So what does it feel like to cross the longest trans-oceanic bridge in the world on a foggy day?

Experience for yourself.... 35.673 KM at the average speed of, say, around 110 KM/HR... a trip of about 20 something minutes, perhaps...

The S-shape bridge...  

One thing I found most interesting about the trip is that... at points, the bridge was so closed to the water that I can't stop worried about... what if... in the season of Typhoons?

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