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Sunday, July 10, 2011

There is a grandmom at the next stop

Took my mom down to Chinatown today... and, to avoid stairs for the elderly and the disabled, we took the bus back.

Used to be, we would take M103 till 3rd avenue and 42nd street before switching to M104 across the street.

Unfortunately, little did I know that MTA had change the route of M104 at some point during this past year... M104 no long goes cross town to UN... instead, it turns back uptown at 41st.

Can't blame no one else except for my own ignorance.... and... who said ignorance is a bless? 8-O lol

So I figure, if we were not to take the subway from Grand Central station, we could catch M4 on Madison avenue right off 42nd.

So yours having more and more problem moving and my mom the doesn't fancy to walk anyways dragged ourselves down to Madison avenue only to find out that...

Oops... the roads were blocked... possibly a street fair earlier on....

So I said to my mom... "We have to walk down two blocks to get to the bus stop."

We got there- both dead tired... accompanying us was a grandmom standing there all alone.

Grandmom started talking to me... telling me that she missed the bus at 7:32, the 7:52 was a no show and it was already 8 o'clock something.

At some point, I saw a bus... my M4...

I was so happy and appologized to Grandmom because our bus had come.

Grandmom decided, though, to take M4 with us as well...

Just when we were busy deliberating, communicating, and planning, M4 turned at the corner right before reaching our stop.

Seeing another M4 coming, we thought... maybe that one was not in service and we would have to take the next one to come.

Then... that second bus turned as well... aiming to continue its detour on 3rd avenue.

All three of us stood there and went... 8-O

I decided to walk down two more blocks to reach the bus stop before that one...

Thinking... "Well, now I can catch you before you turn away!"

Sometime after my mom and I got to the other bus stop, I saw M3 coming... the bus that grandmom had been waiting for for over 40 minutes by then.

The bus driver stopped and the door opened.... and... I opened my mouth...

"There is a grandmom waiting for the bus at the next stop for over 30 minutes."

The bus driver might have been sort of confused and might be thinking to himself... "When aren't you getting onto the bus but telling me there is a grandmom who has been waiting for the bus for over 30 minutes at the next stop."

So, eventually, he asked, "Which bus are you taking?"

I replied, "M4 but there is a grandmom who has been waiting for M3 for over 30 minutes at the next stop.  Please don't turn around before your reach that stop.  Thank you."  8-O lol

So the bus took off while passengers on that bus must be starting to get annoyed by this non-passenger was causing a delay in their journey...  oop... can't please everyone... lol 8-X

Both my mom and I watched the bus moving like a mama hawk and a younger hawk... wanting to know whether that bus took a detour before reaching the next stop....

At some point, we both thought it reached the next stop though we had no idea whether grandmom finally got onto her bus or whether my big mouth has anything to do with the bus reaching the next stop (could have been the road block was finally removed)....

Since we missed two buses in a roll, I can think with my knees that it would have been a long wait before we catch the bus.

M4 finally came... and... by that time, of course, the road was no longer blocked. lol

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