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Friday, July 8, 2011

Something I learned from Da first trip- diabled

My trip to Seoul and Shanghai last summer was the first trip I took on my own since I became some kind of a handicapped.

I did select these two cities for a reason-- there were people I knew at these cities and I was staying with them, which saved me quite a few dimes-- although I did spend the majority of the time touring around on my own.

I have to admit to the fact that, well, the whole concept of going for that trip was a highly anxiety probing one because of the reality of my physical limits.

What makes it even more difficult was the fact that... oops... I was on a low budget...

Should I be rich, I could have gotten a whole bunch of obstacles out of the way easily... taxiing here, taxiing there, even hiring someone to carry everything everywhere...

Yet, in reality, I had no income, not much money and not even much physical strength and capacity.  One thing I did and still have is-- I've got guts. 8-O lol

So I bought the cheapest tickets I could find over the Internet and packed my luggage as lightweight as possible since people were not able to pick me up from the airports.

My brother-in-law did tell me to take the taxi from Pu-dong airport to his place but, a bad habit of mine, why wasting das geld away if such is what I might be able to handle.

I had packed it so light- (the luggage weighted about 3-5 kg for a 2-3 week trip) that I had to forgo the intent to bring the computer along.... 8-O lol

I did make it through the entire trip.... though got even more disabled and sicker at points en route.

Yet, I made it through that first trip after Ratology entered into the physical disability era... with one lesson learned: 

Since the only time I have to deal with the weight of the luggage is between the airport and the place I will be staying at.  Next round, I will spend that extra dime on the equivalent of super shuttle or taxi, which would take me directly to the door. (That's the lesson learned? 8-O lol)

Although there is nothing I can do about the mobility-related issues, I surely can do without the unnecessary worry concerning the weight of the luggage-- Sort of like... cheapskate from hell... even there is a limit in hell... ok? lol 

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